I’ve been on a personal mission to work out a decent anti-spam solution for a client of mine, with minimal cost.

There are a number of solutions that plug directly into MS Exchange, but all seem to have a reasonable cost attached, either as an initial outlay, as subscription costs for definition updates, or a per-user charge (which really bugs me!).

I’ve known about SpamAssassin for a number of years, but never really experimented with it much mainly because a – it’s written in Perl, b – won’t easily plug into Exchange and c - because I don’t have a spare server to run as a front-end Linux mail host.

A bit of Googling brought me to Christopher Lewis’ brilliant Exchange SpamAssassin which details how to set up SpamAssassin as an SMTP Event Sink in Exchange 2000 and 2003. He links to a guy that wrote a HOWTO on setting up SpamAssassin to work in Windows (which isn’t impossible, but not exactly easy), but unfortunately this link is now dead. I managed to find an old copy of the article but it’s horrendously out of date, so over the next week or two I’ll rewrite it with the latest package versions and publish it on here.

Stay tuned….